Boykin Life

I am originally a Georgia peach from Augusta and I transplanted to South Carolina in 1977 as a Registered Nurse in the Trauma Center at Richland Memorial Hospital. With degrees from DeKalb College of Nursing (DeKalb, GA) and from the University of South Carolina, my career résumé is a true saga of the rise of women in the business world. In 1985, I was professionally honored by being named Outstanding Woman in Industry by the State of South Carolina. 

I became captured by the Boykin Spaniel breed in the 1990's. My son fell in love with them ... and our Journey began. I was disappointed to see how many poor breeders there were at that time and the breed had many health issues that many breeders just didn't buy into .... and thus did nothing to fix it.

After years soap-boxing many problems concerning the Boykin ... In 1997, I founded and incorporated the AKC Parent Club for the Boykin Spaniel breed…..The Boykin Spaniel Club & Breeders Association of America….which greatly expanded the reach of the breed to participate in just about any venue possible and be supported in that venue.

I, as a Registered Nurse, was more into the health issues that plagued the breed and there were many. There were (and still are), an ever increasing number of puppy mills which can proliferate without any health testing prior to breeding. Back in 1997, I pretty much stood alone in this pursuit....those in power, at that time, certainly made survival as difficult as possible for anyone who made any waves. I made waves… and survival was made difficult…But today, with new blood and leadership aboard, I feel respected for that stand and have watched the health of this wonderful breed steadily improved because of it.

My son, and his family have greatly contributed much love and time to my Boykins. Our lives have been greatly enriched and molded by the love these furry children have given to each of us over this lifetime.

Hollow Creek Kennel sits on 2.4 acres on beautiful Lake Murray and currently houses our Boykin Spaniels ... including hunting, conformation and champions of other venues.... including our retired couch potatoes. Raising Boykin Spaniels of excellence is a Family Tradition. :-)

I began this online store as there weren't many places that carried any inventory featuring our breed. Most didn't even know what a Boykin Spaniel was! So Boykin Life came about out of that need. We offer the opportunity for "any" Boykin to be featured on a product in exchange for bragging rights. Plus we have for many years supported Boykin Spaniel Rescue and Operation Little Brown Dog with a portion of our net profit. We give back!

If you ever have a great photo of your Boykin, feel free to send it to us at ! ......and we love "new ideas"